Cognos TM1 and Cognos reporting

Find out about Cognos, what it’s used for, how to arrange access and how to use the Cognos monthly variance and forecasting and budgeting system.

Cognos TM1 is the system the University uses for modelling, analysis and collection of data for the Annual Budget, Capital Expenditure Budget and Monthly Variance and Forecasting (including staff forecasting).

Cognos Reporting is IBM’s business intelligence and performance management software suite. The software is designed to enable business users without technical knowledge to extract corporate data, analyse it and assemble reports. It is used right across the University for business intelligence reports as well as financial reporting, budgeting and forecasting.

In addition to financial reports and salary and leave reports, student reports on teaching and learning and managing resources are available. Further information on student reports is available from Planning and Management Information.

Access Cognos

Access to all parts of Cognos (budgeting, monthly financial reporting, BI reports) is via the Cognos portal.

Log in to Cognos

Your login is your normal Victoria username and password, however, some setup for the Cognos system is required. Please follow the link to Resolve IT and complete the form for “Victoria Data Warehouse (Cognos)”.


Please contact for all your Finance Cognos/TM1 and Finance Cognos reporting needs.  The Cognos team hold new user and refresher training for the Capex and Opex budget prior to those models opening mid- year.  All other training needs are on an as required basis, held either by your Faculty Finance Advisor, Management Accountant or the Cognos team.

View the user guides for the Capex & Opex budget models, and Forecast.

Cognos tips

  • In TM1: suppress zero rows or columns when looking at a screen with large amounts of blank rows or columns.
  • If you need to export the tab or sheet you are working on to Excel: select the blue circular icon at the top right > Export >  Snapshot to Excel.

To find out more

If you have queries about Finance Cognos TM1 models or Finance Cognos reports please contact