Property Services

Property Services is responsible for campus development, facilities management, property maintenance and property operation and management services.

Property Services consists of Campus Development and Facilities Management and is responsible for:

  • Developing an innovative property strategy which brings to life the University’s vision of becoming a world-leading, capital city university and
  • Delivering a highly student and staff focused suite of property services, including facility development and construction, project management, facilities management, property maintenance, operational environment management and property operation and management services.

Campus Development

Campus Development is responsible for coordinating new building projects and major infrastructure upgrades. The team also looks after the space planning and furniture.

Facilities Management

Facilities Management ensures that the University's building infrastructure and assets are well-maintained. The team looks after property leases, building maintenance, ground maintenance cleaning, carparking and environmental management. If you have a query you can contact the FM Service Desk, or extn. 6600